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Parth Sarathi पार्थ सारथि

Mahabharata is great epic of India and should be read at least once. But one lakh shlokas make it so big that ordinery person does not dare to think of reading it.

It is Bhagwan Krishna who has made this great grantha so great. Bhagawad Geeta is a part of Mahabharata which attracts every sadhak.

Sri Chakra ji’s book Patha Sarathi has related the story of Mahabharata with Bhagawan Krishna as the centre, so we get what we want in a very beautiful and interesting way which enhances the devotion for Lord Krishna.

Read the four volumes of Krishna Charita, and then read Kanhai- a must.

You will definitely get unbound devotion to Him.

Book is divided into 4 parts for the ease of downloading……

parth sarathi 1-110






Nothing Special! I just want to be at the feet of Bhagawan Sri Krishna and Radha Rani-my loving mother.

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